Bring justice to the women of Atenco in Mexico

Last month, the Mexican Supreme Court confirmed that women in San Salvador Atenco suffered major physical and sexual abuse at the hands of police officers. But even with the affirmation of the highest court in Mexico, the women in Atenco are still waiting for these officers to be held accountable for their crimes.

The current Attorney General of Mexico, Eduardo Medina-Mora, remains suspiciously silent on this case that his office is responsible for handling. But it doesn’t take much investigating to find out why: At the time of the attacks, Medina-Mora was in charge of the same police officers who were implicated in the assaults. Any real investigation into the attacks and arrests could surely place significant blame squarely on his shoulders.

If securing justice continues to rely on Attorney General Medina-Mora, then the police officers guilty of brutally beating and raping the women in Atenco will remain free to roam the streets, a threat to those they’re meant to protect.

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Urgent Action – Javier Torres Cruz (Mexico)

PUBLIC AI Index: AMR 41/067/2008
18 December 2008

Further Information on UA 336/08 (AMR 41/065/2008, 10 December 2008) Possible disappearance/Fear for safety

MEXICO – Javier Torres Cruz (m), aged 28

Javier Torres Cruz was released on 13 December, after being abducted on 3 December. On his return, he had a number of bruises, particularly on his hands, and complained of strong abdominal pains. His family stated that he was blindfolded and did not know where he had been held, and they believed that those who detained him were soldiers. Amnesty International believes that Javier Torres Cruz and his relatives are still in danger.

Javier Torres Cruz is from the tiny community of La Morena, Petatlán municipality, Guerrero state, and a member of a grassroots organization, Organización Ecologista de la Sierra de Coyuca y Petatlán (Environmental Organization of the Coyuca and Petatlan Mountains). At 5am on 13 November, a group of about 100 soldiers went to La Morena in order to find Javier Torres Cruz and two of his brothers. The three brothers were not there at the time, but according to relatives, soldiers searched four houses. They also threatened, slapped and pointed their guns at women and children. That same evening, a group of about 30 armed men in plain clothes also came to the community in order to find Javier Torres Cruz and his brothers. They too, could not locate them.

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Urgent Action – Jorge Martínez Guzmán (Mexico)

PUBLIC AI Index: AMR 41/066/2008
17 December 2008

UA 344/08 – Torture / Fear for safety

MEXICO – Jorge Martínez Guzmán (m), Pacho Viejo prison, Veracruz State

Jorge Martínez Guzmán, a detainee in the Pacho Viejo prison (Centro de Readaptacíon Social de Pacho Viejo), Veracruz State, was tortured by a group of unidentified men during the night of 25 November.

Jorge Martínez Guzmán was blindfolded, tied up and handcuffed by what he estimates to be a group of ten men. He was hit repeatedly by several people, dragged along the floor using the handcuffs around his wrists and subjected to simulated asphyxiation by means of a plastic bag and a wet towel placed over his head. Despite the fact that this was a prolonged attack, at no point did prison officials intervene to stop it and prevent further harm to Jorge Martínez.

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