Urgent Action – Ouyang Wen (China)

2 March 2009

UA 56/09 – Medical concern/fear of torture or other ill-treatment (PDF)

PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA – Ouyang Wen (f), aged 48, Falun Gong practitioner

Falun Gong practitioner Ouyang Wen began a two-year term of Re-education Through Labor (RTL) in June 2008. While in custody her eyesight began to deteriorate, to the point where she is now almost blind, but she has been given no medical treatment.

She was arrested without a warrant at her home in Beijing in May 2008, and sent to RTL, after she had been in custody for a month, for “hiding Falun Gong propaganda materials” in her home. At the RTL camp she was forced to study anti-Falun Gong pamphlets for 16 hours a day, every day, forced to take tests on the pamphlets, and told her scores would affect how long she would spend in RTL. After three months her eyesight began to deteriorate, when she was then made to take anti-Falun Gong tests designed for illiterate people.

Her eyesight has now deteriorated to the extent that she can only see lights and blurry shapes. She has lost over 10kg, is so weak she can barely walk, and suffers from dizzy spells. Because of this, she is no longer forced to take the tests or perform manual labor, but she is kept locked in her room.

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