China RAN action – April 2008

China Regional Action Network – April 2008

China: Huang Jinqiu

Concerns: Freedom of expression, internet/media censorship, prisoner of conscience

Huang Jinqiu (pen name: Qing Shuijun) began working as a journalist when he was 18. In 2000, at 26 years old, he won a scholarship to study journalism in Malaysia. With access to new information he became politically active, and contributed regularly to overseas Chinese-language news sites, such as In January 2003, he announced online his plans to establish the China Patriotic Democracy Party (CPDP).

Upon his return to China seven months later, he was placed under tight police surveillance. He posted his last article, “Me and my public security friends”, to on 10 September 2003. Three days later, he was taken to Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province and held incommunicado until January 2004 when his family in Shandong Province was officially informed about his arrest.

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