Update on Urgent Action – Huang Qi (China)

4 June 2009

Further Information on UA 172/08 (18 June 2008) – Incommunicado detention/fear of torture and other ill-treatment and new concern: medical concern

CHINA – Huang Qi (m), aged 46, human rights activist

During a 26 May visit by his lawyer, Sichuan human rights activist Huang Qi claimed that he had been questioned for long hours and sometimes deprived of sleep: he had once been interrogated continuously for three days without rest. Huang Qi said he had two tumors, diagnosed by the doctor in the detention center, on his stomach and chest that had developed since March. He also said that he was suffering from frequent headaches, an irregular heartbeat and insomnia. The authorities have turned down repeated requests by his family to release Huang Qi on bail to await trial. Amnesty International is concerned that Huang Qi may not be receiving adequate medical treatment.

Huang Qi is awaiting trial for “unlawfully holding documents classified as highly secret.” He was detained by plainclothes police on 10 June 2008. He had no access to lawyers or his family, on the grounds that the charges against him involved state secrets, and was only allowed a first meeting with a lawyer on 23 September after more than three months held incommunicado. On 3 February, the court forbade Huang Qi’s lawyer to make photocopies of the case documents assembled by the police in their investigation, to prepare his defense, again on the grounds that they contained state secrets. By law the court should have made a public announcement of Huang Qi’s trial three days before it began, but in fact it gave only one day’s notice to his family and lawyers, on 2 February. Later that day, after objections by Huang Qi’s lawyers, the court postponed his trial to a date that has not been announced.

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Urgent Action – Huang Qi (China)

18 June 2008

UA 172/08 – Incommunicado detention/fear of torture and ill-treatment (PDF)

CHINA – Huang Qi (m), aged 45, human rights activist

Huang Qi, a human rights activist based in the southwestern city of Chengdu, was detained by plainclothes police officers on 10 June. He is held on suspicion of “illegally acquiring state secrets”. No one has been able to visit him in detention, and Amnesty International believes he is at risk of torture and ill-treatment.

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