Urgent Action – Jorge Martínez Guzmán (Mexico)

PUBLIC AI Index: AMR 41/066/2008
17 December 2008

UA 344/08 – Torture / Fear for safety

MEXICO – Jorge Martínez Guzmán (m), Pacho Viejo prison, Veracruz State

Jorge Martínez Guzmán, a detainee in the Pacho Viejo prison (Centro de Readaptacíon Social de Pacho Viejo), Veracruz State, was tortured by a group of unidentified men during the night of 25 November.

Jorge Martínez Guzmán was blindfolded, tied up and handcuffed by what he estimates to be a group of ten men. He was hit repeatedly by several people, dragged along the floor using the handcuffs around his wrists and subjected to simulated asphyxiation by means of a plastic bag and a wet towel placed over his head. Despite the fact that this was a prolonged attack, at no point did prison officials intervene to stop it and prevent further harm to Jorge Martínez.

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