Stop Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

A proposed bill storming through Uganda’s parliament is one of the most severe pieces of anti-homosexuality legislation in the entire world! If it passes, it would establish an alarming precedent that would virtually annihilate the human rights of Uganda’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) population.

In October 2009, Parliamentarian David Bahati introduced draconian legislation in Uganda that would make “any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex” punishable by prison or even death. The bill even takes aim at those offering protection or support to any LGBT person by instituting harsh prison sentences of up to 7 years.

If the Ugandan Parliament chooses to endorse this hateful legislation, it would be responsible for depriving countless Ugandans of their human rights as well as placing LGBT people throughout the world at significantly greater risk.

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