Urgent Action – Norma Cruz (Guatemala)

24 October 2008

UA 296/08 – Fear for safety/Death threats (PDF)

GUATEMALA – Norma Cruz (f), Director of Fundación Sobrevivientes (Survivors’ Foundation), her relatives and other members of staff

On 19 October at around 12pm a relative of Norma Cruz (whose name is withheld for safety reasons) was stopped by an unknown man driving a pick-up truck while walking home in Guatemala city. Norma Cruz’s relative offered the man a cellular phone thinking it was a robbery but was told by the man that it was not and to “get in son of a bitch, get in or you’re going to die” (subite hijo/a de la gran puta, subite sino te vas a morir). The relative did as told and got in the back where there were two masked men, one of them holding a gun at the relative. They drove the relative around repeating “you’re going to die.” The relative was released after 20 minutes one block away from Norma Cruz’s home. Norma Cruz is an active
women’s human rights defender.

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