Mohammed Odaini cleared for release from Guantánamo

From age 18 to 26, Mohammed Mohammed Hassan Odaini has been detained at Guantánamo without charge or trial. But about a week ago, the Obama administration finally said that it would release him back to his home country of Yemen!

For years, Amnesty International supporters have taken action for Odaini – writing countless letters and emails, holding vigils and demonstrations, organizing film screenings, meeting with elected officials and gathering petition signatures.

Mohammed Mohammed Hassan OdainiIn fact, this past year, more than 12,000 people joined the Global Write-a-thon to write letters on behalf of Odaini and other individuals at risk of severe human rights violations. In addition, Amnesty International USA Local Group 50 in Chicago, Local Group 139 in Wisconsin and Local Group 708 in Massachusetts adopted Odaini’s case. Together, our voices made all the difference. And now, Mohammed Odaini is going home.

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