Legislative Activists Needed

By Dan Johnson, Group 48 Legislative Coordinator*

The past few weeks have resulted in two excellent opportunities for Oregonians to take action on human rights. The causes are compelling, and we know that our elected officials will listen. To those of you who have participated in the past, it would be wonderful to have your assistance again in these campaigns. To those of you who have never been involved in legislative action, this is a wonderful opportunity to get your feet wet!

Counter Terror with Justice

As many of you are aware, Amnesty International has been working constantly to halt the human rights abuses committed in the United States of America as a result of the War on Terror. The shift in national policy to disregard international treaties, fundamental human rights, and basic human decency inspired a wave of emotions and constant campaigns. We worked to guarantee lawful treatment of detainees, the cessation of extraordinary rendition, the defense of habeas corpus, and the release of those detained without charge.

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