Urge Mexico’s new Attorney General to bring justice for the Women of Atenco

Last year, Mexico’s Attorney General’s office had identified 34 police officers as suspects in the rape, assault and brutal treatment of dozens of women in San Salvador Atenco in 2006. Five years later, none of the accused has been charged with the crime.

President Felipe Calderón recently appointed a new Attorney General in Mexico. She can be the one to get to the bottom of this case. She can help the women of Atenco finally find the justice they have sought for five long years.

Marisela Morales is Mexico’s first-ever female Attorney General. Her credentials show her as being tough against organized crime and she is uniquely positioned to shake things up and set a new tone by standing against impunity.

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International Women’s Day: Take action for Women of Atenco

By Marylou Noble, Group 48 Central America Regional Action Network Coordinator

March 8th is International Women’s Day. I want to bring to your attention the case of women who were arrested as a result of their demonstration in defense of flower sellers in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico State, Mexico in 2006. Although this event occurred many years ago, the case has not been resolved.

While local flower sellers had reached an agreement with municipal authorities to sell flowers in the main market square of San Salvador Atenco, they were confronted on May 3, 2006 with state and municipal authorities whose purpose was to prevent them from selling their flowers. During the flower sellers’ ensuing protest, two people were killed and many more injured. During continuing protests on the following day, hundreds of individuals were arrested, including at least 45 women. While being transported to prison, many of the women were beaten, raped, and otherwise sexually assaulted by police officers. Although more than two dozen of the women complained of being sexually assaulted, the prison’s medical staff only attended to their most obvious head wounds while conducting no forensic exams.

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