Group 48 annual holiday potluck & Write-a-thon

Group 48 will continue its annual tradition to host a holiday potluck and Write-a-thon at this year’s December meeting. This is part of the Amnesty International USA Global Write-a-thon to celebrate the UN-recognized Human Rights Day. Here are the event details:

Date: Friday, December 11, 2009

Time: 7:30-9pm (set up starts at 7pm)

Location: 2nd floor, Buchan Building, First Unitarian Church, 1011 SW 12th Ave, Portland (church map)

What to bring:

  • Food (an appetizer, main dish or dessert)
  • Drinks
  • Utensils, plates, cups, napkins
  • Greeting cards (non-religious and non-Amnesty cards)
  • Paper for letter writing
  • Envelopes
  • Pens
  • 98-cent stamps (international postage except Mexico and Canada)
  • 79-cent stamps (Mexico)
  • 44-cent stamps (US)
  • Copies of the Global Write-a-thon cases (please copy double-sided, no staple, make several copies for each case)

If you plan to attend this event, please submit a comment to indicate what you will bring in terms of food or supplies. Please also provide an estimate on total number of guests if you want to invite friends and/or family.

Note: Comments are moderated on this site, therefore, they do not appear immediately after submission.

17 thoughts on “Group 48 annual holiday potluck & Write-a-thon

  1. Hi there! I’ve been interested in joining your group. I recently held a meeting w/ Wyden’s office for AI regarding closing GTMO, the ratification of the Treaty for the Rights of Women and reforming the immigration system. Would it be OK if I came to your pot luck/writing party? I can make some yummy vegan treats.


    • Yes, you are more than welcome to attend the holiday potluck. Please give more specifics about the treats you will bring.

      And thank you for meeting with Senator Wyden’s office on such important issues. We always welcome support for Amnesty work.

  2. I will bring a chicken cheese & broccoli casserole — I live 2 blocks from the church so the casserole will be warm!

    And I will bring the other things on the list too, of course.

  3. I will bring some sparkling cider, cups, plates and bowls. In terms of Write-a-thon supplies, I will bring some cards, paper, pens, and 2 copies of the case sheets.

  4. Hello All:

    I am going to be joining your group, and I look forward to meeting everyone this Friday.

    Food wise, I will be making cookies and bringing chips and salsa.

    As for supplies, I can bring envelopes and pens.


  5. I haven’t figured out what food I’m bringing yet, but for sure I’ll bring cards with envelopes. I’ll also bring my own place serving (to cut down on waste).

  6. I will bring more copies of the case sheets. Joanne says she will bring 2 copies. I will make a few more.

    In reviewing what others will bring, it appears we are covered. Can someone think of food items is missing.
    Terrie R.

  7. My husband will be joining me. Will there be enough cards or do we need to bring some? If so, how many? Should the card be void of any holiday/season theme even if it is not religious?

    • It sounds like we should have enough cards but it never hurts to bring more. Since prisoners are from a variety of culture and religious background, greeting cards should have non-religious theme. Holiday/season theme should be okay. I look forward to meeting you and your husband.

  8. Looks good. I’ll bring something chocolate, since I haven’t seen that yet! Thanks 4 everything. If the weather is bad I’ll leave it with you. Mary Loos

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