Upcoming Legislative Action on Torture and Indefinite Detention

Submitted by Dan Johnson, AIUSA Legislative Coordinator for Oregon

June 26th is the International Day for Survivors of Torture. Amnesty International USA is planning a nation wide lobbying action around the issue of torture at the end of June and in early July. We will be asking for opposition to the Ayotte amendment, which would remove restrictions on interrogations that must abide by the tactics outlined in the Army Field Manual. We will also ask for the release of the Senate Select Intelligence Report on Torture, which will expose the methods used in many cases in recent history. We will address parts of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that violate human rights, including sections allowing indefinite detention without trial.

We are looking for individuals who will lead or be part of a delegation to Senate or House district offices to show constituent opposition to torture, and support for accountability and detention procedures in line with international law. We hope that most meetings will occur during the July 4th recess.

It is very important that our legislators in Oregon see constituent support and interest on these issues. If you’re willing to lead or participate in a delegation, click here to sign up.

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