Film screening, Education Under Fire, Oct 26

A screening of the documentary Education Under Fire regarding the Iranian government’s attack on the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education will be held at the Portland Baha’i Center.

Friday, October 26, 2012 at 7:00pm
Portland Baha’i Center
8720 N Ivanhoe St, Portland, OR 97203

Baha’is in Iran have been subjected to systematic persecution, including arrests, torture, and execution simply for refusing to recant their beliefs. They are also prohibited from going to college (and blocked from many professions). The 30-minute documentary, produced by Single Arrow Productions and co-sponsored by Amnesty International, profiles the growth, struggle, and inspiring spirit of the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education (BIHE).

In 1987, the semi-underground BIHE was formed to give young Baha’is their only chance for a university-level education. Despite repeated raids and arrests, volunteer teachers and administrators created an independent, decentralized university system that has lifted the lives of thousands of Baha’i students across Iran. In May 2011, an organized assault was launched by the Iranian government in an attempt to shut down the BIHE. Over 30 homes were raided and over a dozen BIHE professors and administrators were detained. Several are still in prison for doing nothing more than trying to teach. The film connects a diverse audience to a grave human rights issue, a powerful story of resilience against oppression, and the need to respect human rights everywhere.

For more information, contact John Ng by email or call 971-275-5674.

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