China RAN action – October 2008

China Regional Action Network –¬†October 2008

Taiwan: Liu Bing-lang, Su Chien-ho and Chuang Lin-hsun, death penalty


On the night of March 23-24,1991 Yeh In-lan and her husband Wu Ming-han were stabbed to death at their home in the town of Hsichih in Taiwan. Five months later, on August 13, 1991, police traced a fingerprint left at the scene of the crime to a marine named Wang Wen-hsiao. Wang Wen-hsiao was taken into custody on August 13, 1991, and confessed to the police immediately. More than 36 hours after he had been taken into custody Wang Wen-hsiao added new information to his confession, implicating his brother, Wang Wen-chung, and three of his brother’s classmates, whom he could not name.

Wang Wen-chung was detained soon after by police without an arrest warrant and was allegedly tortured. He named his three classmates as Liu Bing-lang, Su Chien-ho and Chuang Lin-hsun. Wang Wen-chung served two years in prison for his alleged role as an accomplice in the crime. After his release, he retracted his evidence and stated publicly that the police had forced him to implicate his classmates. Wang Wen-hsiao was executed for his part in the murders on January 11, 1992.

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