Wo Weihan Executed in China

28 November 2008

Further Information on UA 322/08 (21 November 2008) and follow-up (25 November 2008) – Death Penalty/Imminent Execution

CHINA – Wo Weihan (m) aged 59

Wo Weihan was executed by shooting in Beijing on the morning of 28 November. His family was allowed to meet with him at the Beijing No 2 Intermediate People’s Court for about 30 minutes the day before he died. According to the family, Wo Weihan had not himself been informed about the pending execution or that his death sentence had been approved by the Supreme People’s Court. Despite the family being told they would be allowed to meet with him a second time, the execution went ahead. The family did not receive official notification of his execution, but learned about it through intermediaries.

In a statement, his two daughters said “We are deeply shocked, saddened, disappointed and outraged. We, the family, were not allowed to say goodbye. We were also denied the most fundamental and universal right of information about what was happening with our father. Throughout these four years since our father’s arrest, the family was kept in the dark. After Thursday, we were led to believe that we could see our father one more time. The execution was carried out in secrecy while we hoped.”

Wo Weihan, a medical scientist, was sentenced to death in May 2007 for spying after a closed trial. His sentence was upheld on appeal in February this year. He was detained in January 2005. Just weeks after being detained, he suffered a brain hemorrhage. He was allowed to recuperate at home but in March 2005 he was moved to a prison hospital where he was held for the remainder of his detention. For the first 10 months of his detention he was not allowed to meet with a lawyer. Until the day before his execution, his family had not been allowed to meet with him while he was held in detention. Amnesty International believes Wo Weihan did not receive a fair trial and condemns his execution.

There is no need for further action at this time. Many thanks to all those who sent appeals.

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