Yang Jia Executed in China

2 December 2008

Further Information on UA 246/08 (5 September 2008) and follow up (24 October 2008) – Death Penalty/Imminent execution

CHINA – Yang Jia (m) aged 28

Yang Jia was executed on 26 November after the Supreme People’s Court approved his sentence on 21 November. According to news reports, his family had been told on the evening of 25 November they could meet with him before his execution, but he was executed the next day before they had the chance to see him.

Yang Jia was sentenced to death on 1 September by Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court after a closed trial. He was convicted of premeditated murder for killing six police officers in a lone attack on a police station in Shanghai’s Zhabei district on 1 July. His appeal was rejected by the Shanghai Higher People’s Court on 20 October.

According to a US press report, Shanghai police told a 7 July news conference that Yang Jia had carried out the attack in revenge. He had previously sought compensation for ill-treatment by police while detained for riding an unlicensed bicycle on 15 October 2007. Despite uncertainty as to his state of mind, the court ruled that Yang was mentally competent during the attack.

Yang Jia was represented by two lawyers, Xie Youming and Xie Jin. In October a group of Beijing lawyers issued a letter stating that Yang’s choice of counsel created a conflict of interest, as Xie Youming is also the counsel for the Zhabei police district where the attack took place.

Amnesty International believes Yang Jia did not receive a fair trial and condemns his execution.

There is no need to take further action on this case.
Many thanks to all those who sent appeals.

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