Urge Secretary Rice to call on Israel and Hamas to cease all unlawful attacks

It may be a new year, but the bloodshed in Gaza this past week is a clear reminder that there’s no time to wait to protect human rights in 2009.

Since December 27, these horrific attacks on Gaza have caused over 400 Palestinian deaths and 2000 injuries. Rocket fire by armed Palestinian groups, including Hamas, has taken the lives of 4 Israelis and caused several dozen injuries. Amnesty International condemns the violence on both sides and calls on both parties to abide by international law and policies.

The U.S. government cannot continue a lop-sided blame on Hamas for the crisis. Ask Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to urgently express deep concern about Israel’s disproportional response and its policies which have brought the Gaza Strip to the brink of humanitarian disaster.

Civilians in Gaza, already trapped in disgraceful humanitarian conditions, are victims of Israeli air strikes and intensified attacks. Israeli blockades of humanitarian supplies continue to deny Palestinians the food and medical supplies they desperately need.

Amnesty International is calling on Secretary Rice to:

  • pressure Israel and Palestinian armed groups to cease attacks on civilians;
  • demand an end to Israel’s disproportional response; and
  • urge Israel to open the crossings to let humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Please help lift Gaza out of this crisis by participating in the online action which would send an email to Secretary Rice on your behalf or you can print a hard copy letter from the action page.

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