Speak out for Iranian activist Emadeddin Baghi

Iranian authorities arrested internationally acclaimed human rights advocate Emadeddin Baghi on December 28th. More than one week later, his family still has not heard from him.

Baghi suffered seizures and a heart attack during a previous prison term. His health hangs in the balance as he languishes in incommunicado detention.

Baghi is no stranger to harassment by Iranian authorities. He has faced harsh prison sentences 3 times over the past decade and Iran’s government has banned many of his books.

He has received numerous international awards commending his work to protest the death penalty, political assassinations and mistreatment of prisoners. But authorities have prevented him from traveling abroad to receive the recognition he deserves.

The government’s campaign of intimidation and brutality continues.

They’re gunning down protestors in the streets. They’re blocking foreign reporting on human rights violations. They’re locking up rights defenders and journalists.

At least 10 people were killed the day before Baghi’s arrest as they gathered peacefully in protest.

Despite this intensifying crackdown, courageous defenders like Emadeddin Baghi continue to confront violent oppression. They need to know they’re not alone.

Honor their sacrifices. Demonstrate the power and tenacity of the human spirit.

Click here to take part in an online action and stand in solidarity with Emadeddin Baghi.

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