Take action to close Guantanamo

Congress is trying to keep Guantanamo open. The House has already passed a legislation (National Defense Authorization Act of 2012) containing provisions that would further entrench indefinite detention and unfair military commissions in US law and practice — and keep Guantanamo open, indefinitely.

The Senate will be voting very soon, probably the second week of September. Pressure is needed now to oppose the bad provisions that would keep Guantanamo open.

Here are things you can do to help:

  1. Send e-mails to your Senators.
  2. Call your Senators. Click here to look them up and use the AIUSA phone script.
  3. Publicize the AIUSA blog post about Congress’ attempt to keep Guantanamo open.
  4. Organize a demonstration in front of your Senators’ local offices. If your Senators are allies, don’t protest them. Contact AIUSA if you aren’t sure.
  5. Meet with the staff of your Senators. Contact AIUSA for a briefing sheet.

Act now or Guantanamo will never end!

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