Group 48 remembers one of its founders

AIUSA Group 48 is mourning the loss of one of its founders, Cornelia Cerf at the age of 99. Cornelia was critical in helping to establish Group 48 and keep it going during the early days in the 70’s. She remained actively involved in her golden years by attending monthly meetings and writing letters for various actions in the newsletters.

Click here to read the obituary. Please feel free to submit comments with your favorite memory of Cornelia.

2 thoughts on “Group 48 remembers one of its founders

  1. When I think of Cornelia I think of the passion which she wore on her sleeve. And she wore her passion well in her school presentations
    explaining Amnesty, in her Spanish prisoner of conscience cases and the dignity she brought to Group 48 from our beginning throughout
    her long and wonderful life.

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