Stop the violence in Libya!

In a menacing 70-minute address delivered by Libya’s leader Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi, the ruler instructed his followers to “fight until the last drop of my blood”. Colonel Gaddafi’s remaining supporters have joined forces with foreign mercenaries to terrorize the streets of Libya. It appears they are ready to kill as many people as it takes to stay in power.

Foreign journalists and independent observers are still barred from entering the country. Meanwhile, both the UN Security Council and the Human Rights Council are holding emergency sessions this week. So far, the Security Council’s response could be described as “half-hearted” at best.

To stop the spiraling violence in Libya, words alone are not going to be enough. The only way the UN can protect Libya is to get people on the ground in Libya and investigate the deaths of protestors.

It is up to two of the top US officials for international affairs to deliver this important message and add to the choir of international pressure.

The international community – including the US – plays a critical role in solving this crisis, but there must be stronger leadership and concrete actions taken over the next few days. After all, if the UN pursues an investigation it could lead to the International Criminal Court getting involved.

Amnesty International representatives have already met with some key US officials on this issue. You can add your voice to this effort – send an urgent message now to demand more than words from the UN. Click here to urge US officials to support the UN in sending a mission to Libya immediately!

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