Call on the EU to help resettle Libyan refugees

No one is safe inside Libya. Within the last few weeks, hundreds of thousands of people have made the difficult decision to leave. Many of these refugees and migrants are now stranded at the border between Libya and Tunisia.

There’s been no shortage of outrage expressed by world leaders over this deplorable situation. But as the weeks of conflict drag on, the need to resettle refugees and assist migrants in returning to their homes becomes more and more urgent.

Many countries are stepping up, pledging to provide humanitarian aid and resources. Some countries have made the clearest gesture of sharing responsibility of all – resettling refugees.

In fact, the U.S. is already processing Libyan refugees referred by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights. In contrast, the European Union (EU) has yet to make any commitment to protecting refugees.

Within the next 24 hours, key EU decision makers are meeting to discuss the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Libya. EU member states must commit to resettling people already recognized as refugees and those now fleeing persecution and torture.

Libya’s neighboring countries cannot shoulder the influx of so many new refugees alone. Furthermore, there are troubling reports that refugees and migrants who originated from countries in sub-Saharan Africa are being turned away.

This unequal treatment is unacceptable and it reinforces the urgent need for other countries to step in and share responsibility for ensuring the safety of all those fleeing persecution – regardless of their nationality.

Click here to urge the European Union to act now!

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